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Harvest Now 2017

June 25-30, 2017

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Peru Mission 2017

coming this fall


SPDNOW - '17

coming this fall

Help TVM Keep Moving!

At True Vision Ministries, we believe the best way we can serve the local and global church in the work of making disciples and coaching leaders is to make our services and resources as avaialable to you as possible.

While we encourage you to give first and foremost to your local church, any additional gifts will help us continue to equip our staff, plan and prepare functions for serving the community and bringing the Gospel. At TVM we strive to offer the very best ministry opportunities that glotify God, build community among believers, and reach the lost. Were able to continue this example of stewardship because of those who are regularly comitted to investing in TVM.

Thank you for your support to this ministry!